Episode 3 - Wave 9 - Regionals - and More!

Join us for another episode of Drunk Dials! 

After a bit of a hiatus we are back with our 3rd episode! Life happens and gets the best of us sometimes but we're back, drinking, and still flying hella casual! 


Today's episode features more of a free-flow conversation about speculation on wave 9, upcoming ships, regionals and the current meta! 

Hope you enjoy and as always relax, have a beer and fly hella casual! 

Episode 2 - Exclusive interview with "Yet Another Squad Builder"

Please join Sam Cimino, James Robinson, Noel Cuevas and Steven Le for our 2nd Episode of Drunk Dials! 

Today we have a very special guest, Geordan Rosario, the creator of arguably the most popular squad builder, Yet Another Squad Builder. Along with his talented wife and incredibly skilled x-wing pilot Audrey Carstensen. 

Below we have direct download links and the podcast. But if you prefer Itunes or Podcast Addict, we are on there as well! 

Direct Download


BEER OF THE DAY - (1:26-5:33)
Every episode, we like to choose a local beer for the day and since we have a special guest today, we asked Geordan what his favorite beer was and he said red ales. We knew right away what the perfect beer would be. 

Fort Point - Westfalia - Red Ale
Fort Point brewery is a local brewery in the SF Bay Area in San Francisco. If you're ever in the area, please check them out, you can find their brewery in the beautiful area of Fort Mason. 

Audrey's stout selection - Drakes Robusto Porter
We take care of our guests and once we heard Audrey's favorite type of beer was a stout, we couldn't go wrong with anything from Drake's Brewery over in San Leandro. 

INTERVIEW: (5:34-44:30)
Geordan Rosario sits down with us today and discusses his popular squad builder and how it all came to be. 

Wave 8 "First Impressions" (44:31-1:34:00)

Fun Lists: (1:35:44 - 1:54:48)
Geordan's Zuck IT
James's Navigator
Sam's a JERK
Don't be Baffled

Lightning Round - "If regionals were tomorrow, what would you bring?"(1:55:00-2:00:00)